Today, we published our website with first version of alpha. So, we are so new and we have a lot plans about the future. But we don't want to lose time and we opened the website with first alpha version!

What can you find in this website?

Our first goal is Flutter. We are planning creating a community portal for Flutter and we started this plan by opening Flutter News.

  • News
  • Packages (How to use or news)
  • Tutorials
  • Tips

You can join us!

Yes, it's true. We loved Flutter a lot and we want to do something for this amazing library. If you want to same thing with us, you can join us. We need writers because we have not a lot of time for writing beautiful posts. Today, we are just 2 person.

If you wanna join, just send email to us with [email protected]. Please, give some informations about you in the email.

What's next?

Today, our website version is first alpha version which is v1.0.0-alpha.1. We have a good milestone plan for new alpha version. Some topics from next version.

  • Newsletter subscription
  • Comments
  • Editor UI for our new friends!
  • Social sharing